The publisher’s website

I have now received the page proofs from The Woman in the Window — hurray for page proofs! — as well as the link for the publisher’s new website for the book, which is here. I now need to provide some links that are recommended by the author. I have to decide what the author recommends first. I’m thinking of something by the author, and then something by Deirdre McCloskey, and after that I’m not sure. Suggestions welcome!

The cover is also an issue. I’ve been asked for suggestions. We could go with the Vasily Tropinin painting of the Woman at the Window that I use in the first chapter, but the angle is not exactly what I was hoping for, and it’s not a terribly suggestive painting to me. I much prefer the shot of the hero of Cinema Paradiso standing on the empty street at night, staring up at Her window. But putting that on the cover would probably be prohibitively expensive. There are lots of Edward Hopper paintings of women at windows that might work, but again, they don’t make my heart beat much.

I’m sure there is a perfect image for this. Just need to find it. Or maybe make it…

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