Thank you so much!

Or rather, very much! I’d like to be proper about this and not trendy at all. I’m thinking acknowledgements, or rather, acknowledgments, which should have a lasting quality after all, as befitting print. Tone is all important. Who would want to SO thank the anonymous peer reviewers at journals X and Y? Much better to VERY thank them. Very thank them all.

And so: very thank YOU all. Very thank so you all. In the South this’d probably be very thanks so y’all. A couple of isoglosses¬† further — or rather farther — south and it’d blossom into bery tanks so y’all, but by then yer practically speakin’ Spainish, so you might as well go for it and expound muchas gracias, or rather muchisima gracias, or, hm, muchisimas gracias, or, aw hell, so gracias, so so very very gracias!

In sum: all a yous so bery bery tanks! Tanks a yous, book she’s a comin’! Bery tanks so so bery.

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