Topping 5000 listens, and a new album!

Ba Ren Chi hit 5000 listens earlier this week, a little less than a year from when I started using Jamendo as its main distribution platform. The other one I use is LANDR, which puts the music into a lot of other places (Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, AppleMusic/iTunes, YouTube Music) but doesn’t seem to get as much traction for whatever reason. The first album, Cool 7, and a handful of singles are still finding listeners, but I also seem to have opened a creative valve of some sort, so more kept coming out. The album I just finished is three linked pieces of pure fantasy, under the title The Faerie and the Demon. The connections among the three pieces are thematic, modal, and rhythmic, and also instrumental. They are “In the Forest,” “Sunrise and Caravan,” and “Escape to the Sea.” I released shorter and quite different versions of each of them earlier under other titles, but here they all seem to feel like they should be together.

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