Autumn Hill Books’ new website and new titles

Our hosting platform was out of date and non-secure (didn’t have the “s” by the “http” in the URL), so we needed to remake it. The site just went live yesterday, and we’re still working out the bugs, but please have a look at the new features and the new books in the past couple of years…

And one that is just about to release shortly (we have advance review copies for anyone who might be interested!):

Close to the Teeth, poems by Italian author Elisa Biagini, translated from the Italian by Sarah Stickney and Diana Thow.

In the recent past, AHB also published Ecuadorian author Leonardo Valencia’s Kazbek in the translation of Hillary Gulley, and Belgian author Vincent Tholomé’s The John Cage Experiences in the translation of Alex Niemi.

Here are their beautiful covers — all the work of Justin Angeles.

Happy reading!

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