Editing as Rehab

Now The Woman in the Window has entered copy-editing, which is a little like entering rehab. She knows deep down that there’s something wrong with her, a set of outward behaviors that need to be changed for her to get back on track, and she’s hoping to work with someone, a professional, who can help her get better. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt after all, as Stuart Smalley used to put it.

But we’re all also hoping this isn’t too serious. You know, just some outward behaviors that need adjustment. Maybe an attitude or two. It would just be too tragic if there were something deep down, especially something that implicated the rest of us. We all hope she will be able to live her own life in the end, make friends, be productive.

There are a variety of schools of thought, ranging from gentle suggestion to boot camp. She is fortunate to have a gentle school editor to work with her, which is a real relief to me. Still, I’m a little sad. I suspect when this is all done she won’t be calling me so much anymore.

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