4000 Listens

I’ve been clocking the listens for Ba Ren Chi on Jamendo by the thousand, and it seems to hit a new threshold every couple of months, but I missed the four thousand mark a week or so ago. 4000 listens! Fantastic! Hello, listeners!

In the meantime, since I can’t release a single on Jamendo and then include it as part of an album (I don’t like this feature), I released a single through LANDR’s distribution system, which puts it out on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes/Apple Music, Tidal, and elsewhere. It is called “Fata Morgana,” and here it is on Spotify. I plan to include it in the album I’m working on, to be released through Jamendo, which will be number two for Ba Ren Chi. The title of the album is still in flux: Ba Ren Chi Ni is possible (ni means “two” in Japanese), but I also like “Attacca,” the term for when there is no break between movements in a multi-movement composition. We’ll see.

This particular tune, and this concept, has stuck with me, so there was an earlier version under a different name released in, I think, January of 2021, which feels like three years ago. Anyway, it has legs, and I might still be working on it, so the final version for the album might take a slightly different form. We’ll see about that too.

The LANDR distribution system tracks plays wherever they happen, unlike the Jamendo system, which just tells you how many there are, so I know that Peru continues to be the place where my music is finding the most listeners. Hola peruanos! I also have exactly one “monthly listener” on Spotify, and that person is in Montevideo, Uruguay. (Espero que estés leyendo esto, my friend.) This makes me so happy!

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